Support Services

Underwriting and Administrative Support

Excess Reinsurance provides a wide range of sought-after services to carrier partners. Stick to your specialty and move closer to your specific goals by leaning on us for these critical components.

Examples of Underwriting and Administrative Support include:

  • Program management
  • Rate development
  • Claims processing
  • Access to Excess Reinsurance’s proprietary stop loss underwriting and administration software
  • Network analysis
  • Marketing support
  • Regulatory compliance
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Actuarial Support

Excess Reinsurance’s in-house actuarial staff sharpens our underwriting methodologies and outcomes, enabling Excess Reinsurance to rapidly develop pricing for less-common scenarios requiring “outside the box” analysis.

Examples of Actuarial Support include:

  • Underwriting support and rate development
  • Network evaluations
  • Insurance department compliance
  • Program development and management
  • Claims development and reserve analysis
  • Trend analysis
  • Support for captive programs

Claims Support

Beyond adjudicating claims that occur on Excess Reinsurance’s block of business, our team also assists carriers in outsourcing claims services. We’ve worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association plans on claims outside of their network, with carriers who have terminated programs and need assistance adjudicating those programs’ claims, and carriers that lack the expertise to accurately and timely adjudicate claims on business they’ve produced and/or underwritten.

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