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Traditional Products

Excess Reinsurance offers A-rated traditional specific and aggregate excess loss insurance to self-funded employers eager to manage risk. As one of the nation’s largest and longest-standing providers of stop loss insurance, we have vast experience customizing solutions to meet a wide variety of scenarios and starting points, with policies available in all 50 states. Lean on our longevity, wisdom, and stability in securing right-fit stop loss coverage tailored to your budget and risk threshold.

Excess Reinsurance is one of the nation’s largest underwriters of level-funded aggregate-only insurance. Our standout product, Controlled Aggregate Protection, or CAP, has helped thousands of clients transition out of the inefficient and opaque fully insured world. CAP is designed for groups that are currently fully insured or self-funded with 25-250 par cipa ng employees. It provides lower administrative costs, customizable plans, retention of claims funds, improved TPA services, access to claims experience, federal ERISA preemption, and no claims volatility. Excess Reinsurance also utilizes this level-funded solution to offer unique Affordable Care Act (ACA) products as well as consortium and captive solutions.

Shared Risk Arrangement

Group 36

One of our shared risk arrangement products is Captive Alliance. With Captive Alliance, groups can easily join a multi-group consortium without the complex legal framework typically associated with captives. Captive Alliance also provides groups with a smoother transition to a self-funded insurance plan. Groups experience the positives of being in a captive while erasing the overpriced premiums, additional fees, and downside risk typically present in most traditional captive programs.

Unique Solutions


Gene Therapy Protection provides self-funded clients with coverage enhancements for specific drugs by reducing their liability related to these drugs. When implemented, the cost of the gene therapy drug is completely covered by the stop loss policy, other than the plan sponsor’s obligation to cover the greater of $10,000 or the state minimum specific deductible.* This allows our clients to increase their protection against high-cost claims while also ensuring patients get the best possible treatment.


*Please refer to the Excess Loss Insurance Policy for actual coverage terms and limitations.


One of Excess Reinsurance’s exclusive stop loss solutions is RBP Shield. RBP Shield adds additional stop loss coverage and legal defense protection for the plan and plan participants.

RBP Shield Provides

  • Extended stop loss coverage for judgments and qualified settlements, even after the end of the policy period.
  • Legal defense for the plan and plan participants.
  • Assistance with RBP plan document wording.
  • Additional documents and support that help establish the best RBP procedures.

Excess Reinsurance offers this innovative product to self-funded RBP plans administered by select TPAs. To qualify, both the TPA and plan must meet certain requirements established by Excess Reinsurance. Because RBP Shield is unique to Excess Reinsurance, it is only available in conjunction with policies underwritten by Excess Reinsurance.

Group 24

Thousands of clients comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) via aggregate stop loss insurance available through minimum essential coverage (MEC) plans and minimum value plans (MVP). To accommodate our client's diverse needs and objectives, Excess Reinsurance has developed hundreds of options to address the challenges in this space. They range from basic MEC coverage to more robust MEC Plus plans with add-on benefits like critical illness coverage and dental coverage to Platinum MVP packages. Describe your exact needs and parameters and let us customize solutions that check every box.