In order to maximize the likelihood of a successful partnership, administrators must provide Excess Reinsurance with significant information about their organizational structure, their processes, and their personnel before we can consider issuing Excess Loss quotes. Recognizing that this is truly a partnership, Excess Reinsurance is pleased to reciprocate and will provide any information reasonably sought by its partners.

Additionally, Excess Reinsurance offers partnership opportunities to brokers and consultants seeking assistance with their greatest excess loss challenges.

We are also available to entertain conversations with insurers and reinsurers seeking solutions to their businesses’ pressing needs.  Whether seeking distribution support, underwriting expertise, or access to other Excess Reinsurance services, carriers are encouraged to reach out to see if Excess Reinsurance is a fit.

Call us at (856) 251-2280 or email to begin the conversation today.

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“At Excess Reinsurance, we pride ourselves in partnering with the best claims administrators and consultants in the industry. Our highest priority is to earn your trust and loyalty by offering truly unique products and services.” Scott Stanton, Director of Marketing