Aggregate Only Insurance - Controlled Aggregate Protection (CAP)

Mountain Silhouette TaiwanCAP is Excess Reinsurance’s exclusive aggregate only stop loss insurance product.  CAP simplifies the self funding process by covering all eligible medical claims under a single aggregate attachment point.  There is no need for separate specific stop loss coverage.

CAP clients fully fund their claims' accounts each month based on an aggregate attachment point that is lower than traditional aggregate attachment points.  CAP’s built in monthly aggregate accommodation stabilizes cash flow and protects the self funded plan from claims volatility.  Other features, such as available unlimited annual maximums and built-in terminal liability, further insulate the self-funded plan. Best of all, the group, not the insurance company, retains any funds that remain in the claims' account at the end of the policy year.

CAP is designed for groups that are currently fully insured or self funded with 25-250 participating employees.  For underwriting requirements or to find out more information about CAP send an email to

To submit a CAP request for proposal, send an email to

CAP vs. Fully Insured >>

Both fully-insured groups and CAP groups pay a fixed cost each month and generally nothing more. However, because CAP groups are self funded, they enjoy many advantages over groups that are fully insured such as:

  • Retention of year-end claims account balance
  • Lower administrative cost structure
  • Improved services of top-tier TPAs
  • Full access to plan’s claims experience
  • Customization of benefits, eligibility, and contributions
  • Federal ERISA preemption of state mandates